Of Pollo and Quakers

I’m not gonna lie… I’m hungry. Right now. And it is during times like these that I have the undeniable urge to hop in my car and drive to my friendly neighborhood SUPER POLLO, i.e. the tastiest charcoal chicken ever grilled by our brethren from south of the border… in the DC AREA NO LESS.


That’s right folks, right here in the great District. We the District – known throughout the world for concocting such culinary masterpieces as the vender hot dog, and pork barrel spending. Texas has BBQ, Maryland has crabs, DC has Air and Space Museum astronaut ice cream. So you can believe it when I say that when I first discovered this place, I said, “That’s no moon… it’s a…”

Unfortunately, a constant diet of charcoal chicken madness from Super Pollo will inevitably lead to only one thing: Super Sumo.

SO instead of tasty charcoal chicken, I have searched within the confines of a young male’s pantry and thus decided to partake in the following healthy alternative:


WITH of course – a touch of fresh ground pepper, granola clusters, fresh berries, salt, brown sugar, honey, nuts, syrup (butter flavor), butter (syrup flavored), Cool Whip, Miracle Whip, Half & Half, candy corn, and ballpark nacho cheese.

Speaking of Quakers! We often think of Quakers as curious, yet nobly religious people who – like Amish people – are in the constant business of selling home crafted furniture on the side of interstate highways. This notion is indeed COMPLETELY FALSE!

As I am not an expert on Quaker history, I will not go into detail as to their origins and relative existence to modern day culture. I will say however, that it is a bit strange that we associate Quakers with the following popular products:


Capital City Wheat Berries




Car Oil

And the Final Showdown:



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