Sunday December 7, 2008

Events and thoughts on this day and the days to come


Sunday December 7th: The 2nd week of advent – in preparation for the glorious arrival of our Lord.


December 7th: Anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941 – a time to remember those who have died fighting for this country.


December 7th: Mom and Dad decide to search for a Christmas tree today. Tree of choice – Fraser Fir. My parents are most likely destroying half the china in the house while attempting to move the tree into the living room. They will destroy the rest of the china trying to make the tree stand upright. The familiar scent of fresh cut pine wafting through the house is worth all effort.


December 7th: First store-bought NOG on hand chilling in the fridge. While others are partial to the milder boiled custard, I myself have fond memories of lounging by the wood stove, smelling the scent of cinnamon spice candles, and sipping the most ridiculously fattening but equally delectable blend of creamy homemade Egg Nog adorned with preferred whipped topping. In an arguably futile effort to not kill myself through my failed cooking, I will nix the homemade Nog making with raw eggs and stick with store-bought… for now.


December 7th: Hour 36 of taking the above illustrated “over the counter” expectorant. The pills are the size of drive thru banking suction tube pods.


December 7th: Titans clinch division as they crush the Browns. Adding to my elation is the Giants’ loss to Philly. Thus, Titans once again reign supreme having thus far lost only one game to the NY Jets this entire season. Hello playoffs!


December 7th: I venture to the kid’s DVD section and snag Dr. Seuss’ classic “How the Grinch Stole Chrismas”. A child passes by me and my DVD selection. His facial expression is of immense disapproval. Perhaps I have infiltrated his territory. Too bad. Movie time!


… Which means, it’s time to crack another classic. More on this later.


December 7th: Let us all hope for good cheer, safe travel, and constant remembrance of why we celebrate this time of year. Peace be with you this coming week.


3 Responses to “Sunday December 7, 2008”

  1. he who is not asian Says:

    Dude, Boiled custard totally pwns the nog. every time.

  2. hmm…. I think that statement officially dubs you a loser.


  3. I think China should count itself lucky that it was indeed a Fraser Fir tree instead of a regular American Pine!

    I want nog right now, so badly lol!

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