Montage at Quantico

Bro graduated from Infantry school today. For him, this meant the usual military regiment of getting up and having awards given at 6:00 AM. Who holds graduation at O’600?

Well hey, the Marines do!

This therefore meant for me that I got to wake at the usual military O’300 and stumble my way onto Quantico base where both the FBI and Marine cadets got a real treat, i.e. witnessing the superior driving prowess of an asian suffering from massive and most unnatural sleep depravation. My dialogue with the entrance guard went a little like this:

Guard: Sir, what part of the base are you visiting?

Me: Give me coffee

Guard: Sir, your car is still rolling

Me: Sorry, I just realized I entered on the side that says Exit

Guard: It’s ok, we went ahead and bayonetted your back tires.

But all in all, it was a fine ceremony. We had a scrumptious breakfast, and I got to experience the old Marine Chow Line (chow – essentially a backwards pronunciation of the ancient Chinese word “Wohc”). Of course there was a good moment or two with Mom, Dad, and bro. And I was constantly reminded of the fact that compared to the average Marine cadet, the typical US citizen has the fat/muscle ratio of a hibernating Walrus on a constant diet of Candy Corn and buckets of Land’O Lakes butter spread.


A moment of Repose







Yes, they did in fact serve boxed wine at breakfast

One Response to “Montage at Quantico”

  1. he who is not asian Says:

    What would your Mater et Pater do without boxed wine at breakfast? Thats right … better wine at breakfast. I love your parents.

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