To the End of the Race


“The events of this century should remind us that the hopes of mankind almost always prove illusory, and that we have only a limited ability to devise permanent and equitable solutions to problems which spring from human nature. Violence, shortage amid plenty, tyranny and the cruelty it breeds, the gross stupidities of the powerful, the indifference of the well-to-do, the divisions of the intelligent and well-meaning, the apathy of the wretched multitude – these things will be with us to the end of the race.”

~Paul Johnson


4 Responses to “To the End of the Race”

  1. Modern Times?

  2. Enemies to Society.

    Sorry I usually post the actual literature quoted…

  3. Woa…where’d you find that? Looks interesting on Amazon.

  4. Heh, I got into it when I found a few chapters of it online…

    so then I spoiled myself and ordered a used one from Amazon.

    Hey, it’s Paul Johnson!

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