Just another day

So… what crazy adventures has the Auer family embarked on lately?


Helen is still in Japan which means she’s having the time of her life teaching, snow boarding, and making movies. Who knows what she is doing here.


JE is back to the Marine machine, but not before partying it up in Nashvagas for the annual ROTC ball. Note to his immediate right: date #3,538,984. She’s the sister of one of my MBA classmates. Who’da thunk?


Shanna is enjoying pre-nursing work by preparing for a certain wedding, buying official Grey’s Anatomy style scrubs, and cooking me real food.

i.e. my life is awesome right now.


Mom and Dad are their usual curious selves. Here they are in Franklin discussing the difference between Right Guard and Scotch Guard (Dad was confusing the two).


There is truly nothing better in this world than Japanese people in Japan singing Karaoke in Japanese… sober.

Well, sorta sober.


Meanwhile, I’m teaching like mad here in our nation’s capital. Here is one of my all time favorite fams. Aria is simply a wonderful Suzuki mother.


Mom and Dad made a trip to Japan where they visited Helen’s school. I told Dad that he should wear his medal… just to bling it out. He’d be like a Japanese version of Flavor Flav or something.

Really, it’s a good idea.


Mom loved the local food. I mean, look at it… how awesome is that? Your very own flaming pot of stew, no wait… mini cauldron of stew!


JE is now in California finishing the last leg of his LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) training.

He’s also partying like a mad man.

He is not a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Maybe he’s a viking though.


While Shanna was visiting here recently, I made one of my all time most brilliant film purchases: The Opus of movies Top Secret. Yeah, I was pretty stoked too. It came in a DVD case shaped like a cow.


Nothing makes me happier!

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