And now a message from your local Suzuki student

So one of my 5 year old students – a very precocious Sam Johnston – walked in today to his violin lesson with a smile on his face and presented to me a small piece of paper. Thinking it was another priceless colorful specimen of homemade artwork tediously perfected after hours of line tracing, finger painting, stamping, and crayoning, I thanked him profusely and turned it over to see what it was:




Translation: The ded TraShbag


Then, in a sudden fit of improvisational poetic dereliction, he ran over to the room’s mini office recycle bin, kneeled before it as if he were the baritone of a pining barber shop quartet, and sang a Paverotti style requiem in dedication to its contents. 


This lasted a solid 10 minutes. 



Then came the interpretive dance.



Welcome to my life.


One Response to “And now a message from your local Suzuki student”

  1. Really? That would have been perfect on video. I don’t suppose you could get a repeat.
    Love kids… Their minds are open to everything and anything.

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