Enter the Pork Steak

Our very first dinner with our wedding china!


Dinner meat of choice: apple wood smoked pork steak with homemade BBQ sauce (Papa Creason’s own recipe). I – from the south (of Asia) – was not completely familiar with the cut so finely named “pork steak” and initially dismissed it as a fanciful variation on the “pork chop”.


In truth the “steak” is a cut from the pork Shoulder blade or “Boston Roast” and is largely boneless, unlike a “Chop” which is cut “perpendicularly to the spine” and usually contains a portion of rib bone or vertebra.


This may be common knowledge to most people (and other pig chomping animals), but I have remained blissfully ignorant until recently. When marinated and then smoked, grilled, or broiled, this super juicy, tender piece of meat is simply impossible to resist.

In the overall realm of manly meats, it is firmly established that the pork steak ranks within the top 5 of man foods trumped only by the King Sized Slim Jim, and the Carnival Style Turkey Leg. It should be a requirement that every manly man own a Pork Steak for the sole purpose of sustained, destructive consumption.

Unfortunately, ripping pork flesh from bone contrasts sharply with the act of one getting really excited about using perfectly matched wedding china which – in the list of manly activities – ranks roughly between having High Tea in a lacy cravat and dancing with your sister at high school prom.


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