Beer, Bread, and Beer Bread


When in doubt, finish the evening with a Belgian summer heat quencher…

which may or may not be Chimay’s Cinq Cents, one of three beautifully authentic Trappist flavors from the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont’s monastic community.

Chimay’s Tripel is golden, almost honey brown in color with a rich aroma and a sweetness which theoretically lends one to assume that it could be a wonderful summer sipper. It is a typical style Tripel – meaning that it is traditionally prepared with Belgian candy sugar and three times the measure of malt then a “simple” (hence the names of also Dubbel and Quad styles), and therefore carries many typical Tripel characteristics. Ours had a beautifully creamy head, an intense, complex flavor, and far less bitterness than I had originally feared. Alcoholic content is quite high however (8%) and its soccer punch of a bite is unapologetic to the palette.

We had trouble finishing the entire bottle (25.4 fl.oz. worth), but it was lovely nonetheless and paired wonderfully with a crusty, yeasty loaf of freshly baked beer bread. The quick following hearty German meal of Krautundwurst, fresh sliced tomaten, and kartoffelbrei prepared by my wonderful wife insured that a paralyzing state of complete languor would soon follow.


No more beer bread for you, Sir Pugs’a Pooky!


One Response to “Beer, Bread, and Beer Bread”

  1. This is your wife..Kraut und wurst is three words dear…

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