President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize 2009

You may have read a while back that Vice President Al Gore beat Irena Sendler in 2007 for the Nobel Peace Prize. on February 1st 2009 – less than two weeks after he took office – President Barack Obama was nominated for the same award. Who else was nominated in 2009?

“Obama defeated a fellow American, former US Army medic Greg Mortenson, who was also nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace prize.

For the past 16 years Mortenson has been tirelessly battling against Islamic religious extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan that denies any education at all to young girls, leaving them completely illiterate.

He has founded and leads not one, but two non-profit charities that helped to build schools all across both countries for girls. They are:

The Central Asia Institute:

and Pennies for Peace:

Both organizations fight against the hatred taught in many fundamentalist Islamic schools, and instead teach love and respect for all of mankind.

He even wrote a best selling books about his efforts to improve the lives of Muslim girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan, by giving them an education. It is called

“Three Cups of Tea”:

Here is a photo of him teaching young girls in Pakistan how to read:

Click the image to open in full size.

Mortenson recognized the dangers brewing in these countries caused by extreme ignorance and oppression long before the US government did. He began his campaign of school building back in 1993, initially only in Pakistan.

In 1996, Taliban agents kidnapped him in Pakistan, and held him for 8 days for ransom. Later, the Taliban made an assination attempt on his life in 1996, which failed.

Mortenson can no longer travel in either country, as both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have issued calls for him to be be-headed as a religious heretic.

However, the work of both of the charities that he founded continues on.

Last year the government of Pakistan awarded him that country’s greatest civilian award: “The Star of Pakistan” He was only the 5th foreigner to win the award, since it was first given out in 1958.

Greg Mortenson was the official 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nomination made by the Congress of the Unites States of America.

Young children all across Pakistan and Afghanistan love and adore him.”

Click the image to open in full size.

4 Responses to “President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize 2009”

  1. You sir, are clearly allied with Hamas and the Taliban …

    Norway FAIL

  2. This just in! Pope Benedict XVI just crowned President Obama Holy Roman Emperor …

  3. What’s so disappointing is that Mortenson wasn’t the only notable to be passed up. Though there will not be an official list of nominees released for years, the over 200 person honored group apparently included several Chinese and Iranian Dissidents, peace workers in Africa, and entire organizations of individuals who have dedicated literally decades of their lives to peace and care for the needy, often with little regard to their own comfort or safety.

    Whom did Fox news just nominate for the Nobel Prize? How about David Petreaus?

  4. No chance a Chinese or Iranian dissident ever wins it: the Chicoms would pitch a fit and deflate our currency, while Iran would just blow somebody up.

    The 2009 winner for Literature, Herta Muller, is an ethnic German dissident who grew up in Romania under Ceausescu. Apparently, her writing describes the “harsh conditions of life under Communism”. National Review had some nice things to say last week. I’d post a link, but I can’t figure out how to put a link in a comment …

    Seems like at least one branch of the Nobel people have some sense of decency…

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