Around the World, One Auer at a Time

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve updated, and plenty has been going on.

So what’s going on with the fam?



JE and his platoon  were sent to California a few weeks ago. They’ve been training in the sand, eating MRE’s, and generally making a mess of things.


He’s now back in NC, awaiting further instructions. So far it’s still a waiting game.


I asked JE if he enjoyed his leisurely visit to the Golden state. He replied that he was just glad he could unload live rounds into a moving target every day.

Sis, Mom, Pater


The trio is currently in Japan (surprise, I know). Helen is still enjoying living reasonably asian, and my parents are enjoying staying reasonably (though artificially) sane.


Dad has been making speeches including one atop the new and first JMSDF aircraft carrier. Mom has been visiting the hot springs. All three attended an interesting meeting which was scheduled to culture a stronger relationship between Vanderbilt University and its new sister school located on the island. So far, it’s been quite a winner…


… so they celebrated by eating tasty oriental munchies. Pretty safe to say, the Japanese know a little  about cooking.

Back at the Ranch

Wifey and I have been doing our thing here – teaching, nursing, eating Five Guys, and enjoying the colors of Autumn. We even took a weekend off and went to a friend’s wedding back in Nashvagas. It was a hit.


Note T-Rex claw.

Why yes, this is in fact me either enjoying the Hokey Pokey or feeling the heat of Backstreet Boys.

Either way, there isn’t an excuse for this.


This picture essentially sums up my life right now.


Good news! Our flowers are blooming! Now for all green thumbers: Are these Mums or Chrysanthemums?

…. hmmmmmm?

Of course I’m asking this as if I know the answer.

More later.


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