Brother Update: Afghanistan

Enter the Sandbox

Brother is in the heart of Afghanistan – fully locked and loaded, out in the field, and eating… surf and turf? According to him (while he’s at the barracks at least) he’s eat’n high on the hog. No joke, last night he feasted on steak and lobster.


Overall, he’s having the time of his life. One of the highlights? Having a combat ride in one of these:

His current weapon of choice:

… it’s a 40mm auto grenade launcher. Yeah. Not too subtle.

He is still updating often and calls when he can. Needless to say there are a few people here who miss him:

Ok ok… for real this time:

Despite the obvious dangers and hostile environment, he is healthy and in great spirits. We earnestly hope it stays this way. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


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