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Viola Fail. And More Fail.

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For Henry:

Cool Guy Fail.

Crying Hippie Fail.

Open Door Fail.

Fail and Fail.


Jim Gaffigan Moment

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(Really) Sleepy dialogue this morning:

Frank: I don’t know if you smell what I’m smelling, but something smells really weird in our apartment right now. It’s really smelly. I can’t figure out what that smell is or where that smell coming from.

Shanna: Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the trash can in the kitchen. See, when I made that skirt steak three nights ago I threw the foam meat packaging tray in the trash can. So that trash has been needing to be taken out for a good couple days now.

Frank: And… ?

Shanna: And… ?

Frank: ….

Shanna: ……………….

Frank: …………………………………..

Shanna: Also, I think the big bag of onions in the kitchen needs to be thrown out. I think they’re getting way too old. They’ve been needed to be thrown out for a week now actually.

Frank: (now very passive aggressively) so uh, were you thinking about doing something about that?

Shanna: Well what am I supposed to do!

And now for a random Jim Gaffigan momen:


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“The great test of personal piety is personal holiness. It is better to have the evidence of a meek, forgiving temper, of a serious, devout spirit, of a tender, grateful heart, of a chaste, pious conversion, of a consistent, holy life, in favour of our acceptance with God, than it would be to have an angel bring down from heaven the book of life, and show us our names written therein. This might astound, it might for a while delight us; but then we should probably soon become presumptuous, or fall into doubts, under the impression that we had been deluded. But a life of holiness is not only in the general reliable, it is in fact infallible evidence that we are God’s people. Nothing can set it aside.”

~ W. S. Plumer

A good Marine will be missed

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Last night, I got a message from JE. It said:
“On 1 April 2010, one of the vehicles in my platoon hit an IED and several of my Marines were injured, one mortally. Please keep Sgt Frank World and his family in your prayers, may he rest in peace. I am eternally grateful for his hard work and dedication, always putting for his best effort to help train and mentor my junior Marines. He will be dearly missed.”

Here is the article about Sgt World:

I need to be reminded of this more often I think. This Marine seems to be the typical Marine – of impeccable character, unwavering physical and spiritual strength, absolute dedication, and much he was willing to sacrifice for his country. My brother said he was a upstanding Marine and a great friend. God rest his soul.

Spring Visit to Franklin

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Good Ol Home.

Smokes and Brews

Easter Sunday

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“Now let the heavens be joyful,
Let earth her song begin:
Let the round world keep triumph,
And all that is therein;
Invisible and visible,
Their notes let all things blend,
For Christ the Lord is risen
Our joy that hath no end.”
~ John of Damascus