Jim Gaffigan Moment

(Really) Sleepy dialogue this morning:

Frank: I don’t know if you smell what I’m smelling, but something smells really weird in our apartment right now. It’s really smelly. I can’t figure out what that smell is or where that smell coming from.

Shanna: Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the trash can in the kitchen. See, when I made that skirt steak three nights ago I threw the foam meat packaging tray in the trash can. So that trash has been needing to be taken out for a good couple days now.

Frank: And… ?

Shanna: And… ?

Frank: ….

Shanna: ……………….

Frank: …………………………………..

Shanna: Also, I think the big bag of onions in the kitchen needs to be thrown out. I think they’re getting way too old. They’ve been needed to be thrown out for a week now actually.

Frank: (now very passive aggressively) so uh, were you thinking about doing something about that?

Shanna: Well what am I supposed to do!

And now for a random Jim Gaffigan momen:


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