Going to the Hospital

So this past Thursday evening, wife and I were supposed to go into the hospital for an induction. Long story short, we left Thursday night to return back home, no induction, no baby Noah… yet.

Short story long, there was a strange mistake in the computers with the true due date of Noah, and due to perhaps conflicting reports from two separate doctors, there was a slight (1 and 1/2 week) discrepancy as to exactly when Shanna would reach the 40 weeks full term. The Cardiologist originally recommended Shanna’s induction at the beginning of 39 weeks (which according to one model would have been on Thursday), but to be safe, the OB ordered the induction be delayed until the later possible model date.

This made us all REALLY sad. I mean… super. Sad. It was essentially 9 months of building anticipation, only to find out that we still need to wait another week (translated in waiting terms as – another decade).

BUT the good news is Noah is not only healthy, but very happy, and moving with much frequency. He was and is in a great position, and is pretty much ready to go. Essentially we got a free full checkup on Noah, and the results were excellent.

Therefore! The new date of induction has been officially set for Monday, July 26th, at 7:00 AM. May the countdown begin… again.

While we’re in countdown mode, I might as well say a brief word or two about our dear hospital: Johns Hopkins Hospital, located in North East Baltimore, MD.

Just in case you haven’t been around the past two decades, Johns Hopkins is essentially the king of all hospitals in the United States.

In their much anticipated annual report, US News has ranked Hopkins as the #1 hospital in the country… for the 20th consecutive year in a row.

The hospital is distinguished in specifically 9 pediatric and a staggering 16 adult specialties. Within the adult specialties, all but one land in the top 5 in the country. Hopkins lands #1 in the specialties of Gynecology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Ear, Nose & Throat, and Rheumatology. Statistically, it leaves an incredible number of nearly 5,000 respected US hospitals in the dust including UCLA Medical, Barnes Jewish, Duke U Medical, Mass General, and NY-Pres of Columbia and Cornell (all of which made Top 14 Honor Roll).

Walking onto the campus causes one to imagine that he or she has entered the grounds of a self-sufficient city. Within the main campus, the hospital boasts such desirable amenities such as flower and gift shops, patient family housing, Metro station, a luxury wings, bank, farmers market, day care, gardens, cafes, restaurants, chapels, post office, workout center for employees, and a large International center that accommodates patients arriving from outside the country (Hopkins is not only one of the finest in the country, it’s easily one of the finest in the world).


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